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Speed is the key in IoT and Epik is the fastest way to deploy and manage connected products


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Epik Provides IoT Platform to build connected products & manage it


Epik doesn’t believe in custom coding

Internet of Things or IoT have become commonplace in all walks of life. Human interaction with devices have increased manifolds owing to the increased interest towards automation and smart remedies for redundant works that can be achieved using few devices and a good internet connection

IoT is the ability of things that contain embedded technologies to sense, communicate, interact and colloaborate with other devices by creating a network. These devices exchange data in order to perform actions. This is a direct connection of the physical world to the digital one, where the physical devices can be controlled digitally.

Focus Areas

For OEM’s – Manufacturers can give digital identity to all their physical assets enabling them to know their location, condition & usage.

Customer usage & device performance to improve current & future products

Opportunity to monetize value added services & products

Realistic insights into supply chain

Update products in the field to enhance capabilities and extend life cycle

For Consumers– Adoption for connected devices like smart appliances and wearable devices is rising. Today more than 40% of consumers own or have plans to purchase smart device, few key features for consumers

Remotely monitor and control devices

Improve energy efficiency of household devices

Improved product lifecycle by ability to update

Integrate multiple products for better customer experience

Ability for products to manage themselves

Key Service Offerings

Consulting & Strategy

  • Define business requirements and identify the use cases to implement solution
  • Identify the technology assets to cover business requirement
  • Platform integration for integration
  • Security & performance compliance
  • POC for project roll out

End-To-End Hardware Design

Device integration

Platform Engineering

Vertical Applications

Develop connected devices and network elements

Custom IoT Solution

IoT Analytics

IoT Security

DevOps & Test Automation

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