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ReInvent, ReImagine, ReThink

In last 5 years retail experience has changed, consumers are tech savvy, socially connected and mobile enabled. Today customers are demanding for better experiences from their brands and they expect these at a speed, location and time of their choice.

Retailers need to rethink their strategies to stay relevant and competitive – Epik help retailers achieve this.

Epik provides omni-channel experience across channel, we help retailers understand their customers by deriving insights from physical and digital sources. Using big data technology we can process large data and information available to derive actionable insights to keep retailer ahead of the curve

Technology has evolved in last few years which have played a key role in reinventing Retail industries ecosystem. Retailers have increased relevant interactions with their customers within and outside store.

With the change in customer buying habits, winning customer’s loyalty has become more challenging. The digital revolution is driving the retail industry and creating fierce competition among brands for visibility. Retailers need to connect with customers using multiple channels to create consistent, connected and integrated in-store and online experience.

How We Deliver Value To Retailers

Retailers needs a digital approach across the supply chain to become omni-channel retail enterprise.

Epiks retail practice helps brick and mortar retailers, eCommerce companies, multistore retailers engage with customers, cultivate brand loyalty and streamlined operations. We help our customers stay relevant and connect with consumers using our mobile suite, cloud and analytics solutions. Our instore and online retail solutions use Beacons, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Cloud, Analytics and Gamification to enhance brand loyalty and increased sales.

Epik specializes in smart retail solutions with expertise in consulting, transformation and integration. We integrate social data with market intelligence and store specific analytics to provide contextual insights.

Key Services We Offer

Omni-Channel Retailing

In-Store Mobile Devices

POS Systems

Loyalty Programmes

In-Store Catalogue and Navigation App

Augmented Reality

Location-based Marketing App

Big Data Analytics and Dashboard

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