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Cloud Security

Next Generation Cloud Technology

Cloud Security

Today users are accessing their information using multiple devices and they expect their information to be accessible from anywhere anytime. To be in the race enterprises are digitally transforming, migrating their legacy system, applications, workloads and data to cloud. As data is accessible and network became fluid, attack surface expands. Lack of physical control or defined access, distributed and sophisticated network are inviting data breaches, malware and phishing scams.

Epik offers services and solutions that enterprises need to secure cloud transformation. Our security experts team can help you solve the complex challenges and improve organisational security.

Security Services We Offer:

Primary Security Assessment

Cloud Encryption and Authentication Session

Encryption Of Sensitive Data

Secure Cloud Based Application

Secure Cryptographic Keys In the Cloud

Securely Transmit Data To and From The Cloud

Challenges We Solve

Data Replication and Lack Of Visibility

New Class Of Privileged Users

Data Loss From a Breach

Security in Public Cloud Environments

Platforms Wherever you Need It

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