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Media & Entertainment

On-Demand Media To Digital Distribution

Media & Entertainment

Epik design and build robust digital platforms with seamless user experiences in media and entertainment industry.

Media and entertainment industry strives for betterment & focuses on innovation to engage with more users for interactive experiences using various modes like social media, games, television. Media and entertainment industry is going through a massive transformation and entire ecosystem is being redefined. Technology has evolved which has changed how users consume and interact with their media or other sources of information.

This change is challenging but with an experienced technology partner you can’t just overcome the change but thrive in competitive landscape. Epik brings domain expertise within the media and entertainment industry and provides consulting, strategy, design & platform development. Epik’s aim is to increase your revenues by omnichannel experiences for your content.

Key areas we have worked

Digital magazine and news paper

OTT platform integration

Online audience participation service

Payment and royalty management

Audience & marketing intelligence dashboard

Key Service Offerings

Consulting Services

Domain Expert consultants

Digital Services


Application development


Product Services

Architecture & engineering


Qualification & acceptance

Infrastructure and operation

Architecture and engineering

Deployment management

Administration, operation & support

Cross functioned offering

Consulting and audit



Key technology partners

Adobe Primetime

The Platform


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