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Redefine Education With Digital Transformation

Segments we serve

Education providers

We help schools through pre-K12, college and universities

Test and assessment providers

We help test and assessment providers to make unique, easy to use and futuristic applications

Education publishers

LMS capabilities for curriculum designers to deliver outcome based education

Professional associations

Services/solution provider for certification agencies to meet demand for omni-channel content delivery.

eLearning practices are helping to achieve knowledge ecosystem goals. Personalized eLearning solutions and services have enhanced knowledge and deliver better outcomes. Educational institutes or corporate training centers need custom approach towards learning management and assessment methods.

Omni-Channel CMS to create, manage, deliver and archive content in diverse formats is a learning imperative. Advanced search functionality to search relevant data reduces the cost of front desk operation and user authentication for controlling access to ensure data security.

VR and AR technology advancements have enormous implications on training and healthcare domain.

Key areas we have worked

Digital Content Creation, platform and modernized learning systems

Product extension through mobility enablement

Gamification, content based technologies

Secure and scalable platform on cloud

Re-engineering the products into new gen technology platform

Big Data platform and real time analytics

Key Service Offerings

Consulting Services

Domain Expert consultants

Digital Services


Application development

Digital platforms

Product Websites

HCP portal and tools

Patient tools


Analytics and dashboards

Key technology partners

Adobe Captivate Prime



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