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API and Microservices

Next Generation Mobile Enterprise

API and Microservices

Epiks API delivers a connected digital ecosystem for your business. Our suite os API offerings is helping enterprises to extend market reach, streamline business processes and create new sources of value.

Our API and microservices experts can support your IT team to meet all your integration requirements – application, EDI/B2B, middleware, device and SOA. We assist customers in design and development of complex middleware components that cater to various challenges like handling multiple file formats, media formats, data source and enabling application management capabilities.

List of application features

Manage device compatibility

Remote configuration and control

Security control

Epik also provide technology assistance in integrating off the shelf MDM/MADP platforms based on enterprise needs.

Key Services

Open API business strategy for monetization of API’s

Hybrid integration for cloud ecosystem

Pluggable IoT integration using API’s

Fast data and Analytics for real time decisions on multiple device interface

Digital Experience Layer for Optimizing user experience and driving self-servicing

Microservices App Rewrite and Cloud Enablement

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